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Meet Project Bloom, the next generation in agricultural technology. We specialize in automated farming technologies, with the goal of revolutionizing the agriculture industry worldwide.

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We are diverse Team of engineers, programmers, and designers from across the globe, united by a vision for a world free from food insecurity. Our founders realized that by combining existing agricultural, hydroponic, and AI technologies, we can create a farming system that automates many of the steps in the cultivation process. By automating routine activities in cultivation, users of our system will be able to produce more food, more efficiently, with less effort.


The PB-1 System is modular allowing users to adapt the use of the system to fit their needs. The PB-1 Prototype comes with 3 grow towers, each capable of producing a single crop. Each tower has its own environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, fertilizer, and lighting, specifically programmed to meet the unique needs of its crop. For example, carrots have different environmental needs than lettuce, so each grow tower’s settings will reflect the needs of their crop.


Each grow tower is connected to a centralized computer, which controls the environmental and growth settings for all connected towers. Each tower operates on a cultivation cycle, whose length is determined by the average time from seeding to harvest for their current crop. Once the cycle is complete, the tower’s settings will be reset and can be assigned a new crop (or re-assigned the same crop) for another round of cultivation. Our PB-1 Prototype includes settings for 3 different crops, but more can be added or reprogrammed by the user, depending on their cultivation needs.


Our PB-1 System automates many routine cultivation tasks, including _____, ___, and ____. Each grow tower is equipped with sensors, _____, and ____, which allow it to operate automatically without needing human supervision. Certain steps in the cultivation process, including harvest will still need to be completed by users, but the efficiency of the system will make these tasks much easier and less time consuming.


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, nostrud exercitation.

ashraf soltani

Ashraf Soltani
Team Caption

Alexander Zabalza

Alexander Zabalza
Hydroponic Specialists

Elbert Dockery

Founder and Software engineer of Tree Bytesm Inc. A software company that provides products and services to businesses and government.

Elbert Dockery
Software Engineer

Oscar Pineda

We create ideas to create livelihoods, we create livelihoods to create life support,

Oscar Pineda Enriquez
Industrial Engineer

Franco Maciel

Hello, my name is Franco. From a very young age I like scientific thinking, I always liked the idea of ​​questioning everything, and this remained in my adolescence

Franco Maciel
Agricultural technicians

Irfan Habib

Irfan Habib
Mechanical Engineer & Product Designer

francisco amador

At first when they told me about this project I could not believe that they invited me to participate...

Francisco Amador
Electronic Engineer

We want to change
peoples lives

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